Company History


Back years ago, my sister Julia was a professional ice skater for “Holiday On Ice”, a touring ice show which was later known as “Ice Capades” and now "Wizard of Oz OnIce". She later skated professionally in Las Vegas! This is where the roots of Minor Creations is based.

Minor Creations started from just an idea in 1980. The concept at that time was to market G-Strings to performance dancers so that the panty lines wouldn't show under their leotards. Julia, with the background in Las Vegas, started adding rhinestones, sequins, lace and bows to jazz these g-strings up. Many lingerie stores .started buying them to sell as intimate apparel and they really took off! Many of you who have been long time customers of Minor Creations may remember those days.

After a couple of years, I came into the picture to help out. Julia and I started expanding the market more and more until we have grown to what we are today. We have had lots of fun along the way! So where does the name "Minor Creations" come from?

One evening, Julia announced to our mother and myself that she wanted some help to create a business name. We came up with all kinds of names that night and finally settled on one we liked. Julia has always had the utmost respect for our uncle John Minor, who ran a family shoe factory in upstate New York called P.W. Minor& Sons, Inc. This is a shoe factory that was founded in 1870. She had worked for Uncle John for a short period of time and really admired his sound business practices, so she wanted to have the "Minor" in the business name. I remember Julia saying with a shrug on her shoulder, "Well I'm a Minor, and I create, so I'll call it “Minor Creations!" We all agreed!

Today, Minor Creations, with this theatrical background, has evolved into a major dancewear supplier with sexy styles that has the shine and flash that entertainers can't resist. We are well known for our extensive separates line called "Sinema Separates" as well as our marquee line call "Bling Factory" which are hot & sexy styles adorned with sequins, rhinestones, chains, feathers and hardware. We also have seasonal and specialty lines. There's a lot to look at and be excited about!

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